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B&A - Luke Reaper and Ian McShane

Masters of all they survey

Research and insights are largely one and the same, so say B&A’s Ian McShane and Luke Reaper and they explain why to Michael Cullen Is market research endangered? Not that the systematic practice of gathering and interpreting information to get closer to people is likely to go the way of the dodo any time soon […]

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Ab Fab

Denoting returns from PR

Dr Martina Byrne outlines the role public relations has in promoting the bottom line Whisper it, but PR is not successful because it generates media coverage and mentions on social networks. It is successful because of what it contributes to the delivery of an organisation’s objectives. Depending on the organisation, those objectives could be sales, […]

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Mad Men, Series 7


John Slattery as Roger Sterling and Jon Hamm as Don Draper


Agencies must pull together

Patrick McConville on why agencies need to work in tandem to move forward The very first episode of Mad Men ends with the main character Don Draper returning home to his family after a long day at the office. As he kisses his young daughter Sally good night the soundtrack of ‘The Street Where You […]

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