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Marketer of the Year Awards


Since 1993, Marketer of the Year™ has saluted Ireland’s top marketers, who through their passion and commitment, have created winning strategies for their brands. Now we want your nominations for Ireland’s top marketer in 2017. We are looking for that someone special who faced a marketing challenge, devised their aims and objectives, adopted a winning strategy through key insights and achieved major marketplace success.

We’re looking for an exceptional marketer with vision, insight and drive for excellence, who made their business triumph above all others. If you’re an outstanding marketer – or you know someone who qualifies – we want you to enter Marketer of the Year™ .


Marketer of the Year™ recognises and honours standards of excellence in Irish marketing, specifically for work done in the last two years. The person is someone, who through the use of strategy, innovation, communications and impact on the target market, has been responsible for making their brand, product or service an outstanding success.


Your Marketer of the Year™ entry must outline the scale of the marketing challenge faced, the key aims and objectives. You should detail the strategy adopted and the implications for the business. We want to know about the key insights driving the strategy and the actions taken and tactics used. Finally, please inform us about the impact on the marketplace (eg sales and awareness) and how success was measured.


Marketer of the Year™ entries are made by sending us a nomination form, along with a brief submission, preferably no more than four but not less than two pages with all the relevant details. Entries should be submitted in line with the award criteria, as already outlined.

Please note, the judges pay some heed to the standard of entries.  


All submissions are carefully considered by the Marketer of the Year™ panel of judges. Further information or clarification on the entries made may be required by the judges. The judges will select a shortlist of candidates. Those shortlisted may then be asked to attend a presentation before the judges. The judges’ decision is final. The finalists must be available to attend the Marketer of the Year™ award lunch in mid-November.


Each submission entered for Marketer of the Year™ should be accompanied by the nomination form. We are looking for a first-rate marketer with vision, insight and drive for excellence that makes a business stand out from the rest. If you have a compelling story to tell, please don’t keep it a secret. The following are the five criteria to address:

1 The scale of the marketing challenge faced, key aims and objectives

2 The strategy adopted and implications for your business

3 The key insights driving the strategy

4 The actions taken and tactics used

5 The impact on the target market and how success was measured

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.



Thursday, September 28th 2017

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