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Bean counters fraught with fear

Colm Carey

Addressing a Marketing Institute (MII) breakfast talk in the Mansion House, former grocery supremo Senator Feargal Quinn revealed that he dislikes accountants. Quinn advised an enthusiastic audience of marketers to be nervous when they hear that the new CEO of a company formerly held the position of financial controller.

That old batten-down-the-hatches mentality beloved of the bean counters is at odds with the service ethos required of a successful business. Paraphrasing the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus, Senator Quinn reminded delegates that you never deal with the same customer twice.

Each time you come into contact with a customer, something has changed meaning you can never take anything for granted. The only constant is change and successfully managing it is the key to long term success.

Consumer lifestyle trends were under the microscope at the AAI seminar held in the Avoca Caf

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