IAPI calls for Effie entries

Advertising agencies have until Tuesday, June 25 to enter this year’s Effie effectiveness awards. The competition is organised by the Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland (IAPI) and sponsored by An Post Commerce, ESB and RTÉ Media Sales. Following a soft launch in February and case writing clinics last month, entries are open with various deadlines and fees applicable, with the final submission deadline at the end of June.

Advertisers and agencies are offered a series of tips on entering the Effies.

First, entries should be clear, concise, compelling and honest. Judges evaluate five or six cases in a session, and shorter, well-written entries stand out. Context is key. Judges typically would not work in a specific category and may not know the brand. Entrants should provide judges with the context to understand the degree of difficulty for your challenge and the significance of your results. Limit industry jargon and define all terms.


Speak to the entry category. Judges evaluate work on effectiveness in the context of the entered category. Entrants should be sure of the stated goal and results align. Tell a story. An entry should be written with the audience, Effie judges, in mind. They are looking for an engaging, well-written story that links each section of the form together. Judges will be evaluating work with a critical eye. Address questions you think they may have.

Finally, review. Ask client and agency colleagues who do not work on the brand to review the entry. Ask what questions they have – what was unclear? Where did the case fall flat? Ask a strong proof-reader to review the entry. Founded over 50 years ago, Effie is seen as a global symbol of achievement in adland, which spotlights ideas that work and encourages thoughtful dialogue about the drivers of marketing effectiveness.

The Effie entry kit is available here

Pictured above is Tom Kinsella, AIB, who chairs the Effies for IAPI 





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