TV3’s serious intent

TV3's serious intent

Kevin Rafter

TV3 is the station of hard-knocks in the Irish broadcast market. The privately-owned national broadcaster has long been an easy target for criticism especially with its reliance on imported programming and a diet of low-brow and trashy viewing. But such superficial commentary fails to acknowledge recent changes in TV3's schedule and, more significantly, the importance of its news service.

The value of TV3 in the broadcasting landscape in Ireland was evident last month when the station's political editor Ursula Halligan asked Taoiseach Brian Cowen how his late night/early morning activities might have impacted upon the now notorious Morning Ireland interview. Nine months previous, the same TV3 journalist broke news about Brian Lenihan's illness. The debate about the journalistic ethics may divide opinion but with a second national news outlet, there is potential for news diversity. If RT

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