20 Questions with Shemaine Doyle

Shemaine Doyle is the founder and managing director of the Brave marketing agency. She has over 20 years’ experience marketing food and beverage brands, having worked with Cuisine de France, Costa Coffee, Pret-A-Manger and others. She spent over a decade working in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In 2021, she returned to Ireland and set up her business.

01 What was your earliest ambition?

To work in marketing

02 It’s our round. What are you having?

Always a glass of Prosecco

03 Social media platform of choice?

Instagram for personal, LinkedIn professionally

04 A mentor or someone that inspired you?

My mum, my business coach Jaime Gennaro and Lesley Byrne, one of my first bosses

05 If you could be born into another time and place, where and when would it be?

The 1800’s – the Bridgerton days

06 Favourite writers?

I spend more time reading kids books these days, so Julia Donaldson

07 A film you’d watch again tonight?

Pretty Woman

08 Is there an unsung hero you’d like to thank?

My mum, my grandmother and my mother-in law

09 Something that no longer happens that you miss?

Lunchtime brunches when I lived in Dubai

10 How physically fit are you?

I’d like to be fitter but I try to exercise and run a couple of times a week. I’m a better person for doing any exercise. I think it’s important as a busy professional to have some physical balance

11 Favourite ad?

Any of the John Lewis Christmas ads

12 What do you find most irritating in other people?

Just not being nice when you are nice to them

13 A brand to which you feel some loyalty?

Butlers. Love the coffee and chocolates

14 Someone you might be starstruck to meet?

I don’t want to meet anyone, I always make a fool of myself when I meet someone remotely famous so best avoided

15 Something that recently brought a tear to your eye?

Watching the Taking Care of Maya documentary on Netflix

16 Something that recently got your goat?

I was buying a dress and using a voucher to part pay and you would think I emptied my piggy bank of coins on the table such was the rudeness of the staff member

17 What would be your fantasy act of heroism? 

Anything to help make sick kids better

18 You’ve won the Euromillions and disappeared. Where might we find you?  

In New York at Christmas, shopping with my husband

19 Someone or something that strikes you as beautiful?

My kids – they are beautiful little miracles and I thank my lucky stars every day for them

20 “Here lies Shemaine Doyle…” Complete your epitaph…

“Shemaine was always able to make people smile”




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