AI used in adland once a week

People in advertising are now using artificial intelligence (AI) at least once a week, Abi Moran, chief executive of Folk VML and president of the Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland (IAPI), told an AI conference held in Google’s HQ. Moran said that people in the industry are inherently curious. “Critical to our success is being one step ahead of how people behave and what they expect,” she added, saying the shift in adland is set to accelerate.

The AI Connect conference, which is a collaboration between Google, Enterprise Ireland and IAPI, highlighted how AI is revolutionising marketing and advertising in Ireland and around the world. The event marks first step on the Digital Creative Industries Roadmap (DCIR) 2024-2026, and the start of programmes with commercial creative services. Enterprise Ireland intends to play a pivotal role in creative events like Cannes Lions.


Conor O’Donovan, Enterprise Ireland, said the event marked the start of the State agency’s commitment under the DCIR to support Irish marketing, design, events and advertising, which makes a major contribution to the Irish economy in terms of employment and exports. His agency plan to support the internationalisation of Irish creative services companies and work on building their sustainability and tech capabilities, like AI.

David Sneddon, Google and formerly of Mindshare, spoke about the impact AI advancements were having in marketing and advertising, and the opportunities it presented. Attendees also heard from an industry panel which included Nathan Reilly, Tiny Ark; Mary Doherty, Red Dog and president, IDI; Richard Carr, managing director, Accenture Song – Ireland lead; Jane McDaid, Thinkhouse and Pat Stephenson, Boys+Girls.

Pictured is IAPI president and Folk VML chief executive Abi Moran 

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