Allianz ads highlight pet benefits

F&B Huskies has unveiled its ‘Pawscription’ pet insurance campaign for Allianz Insurance. The ads aim to reframe the  emotional value pets hold for their owners and drive home the message that insurance doesn’t just benefit the pet, it benefits the owner too. Research has shown that pets help ease stress, promote exercise and improve cognition in older people.

The agency created an illustrated print series of pets in CGI. At a glance, the animals appear to be medicine, but on second look, you see they are cats and dogs. Crafting every aspect of the pets down to their fur and whiskers and placement of limbs and tails, pets were posed to mimic the shape of pharmaceutical products.

The minimalist composition reflects the pared-back world of pharmaceuticals while allowing pets to remain the focus.  The campaign runs in newspaper health supplements, digital out of home locations inside and near pharmacies and 48 and 6 sheets nationwide. Mark Brennan, head of marketing, Allianz, said 75 per cent of Irish pet owners don’t have  insurance.

“People care greatly about their pets, yet many people don’t translate this into the huge benefits of protecting them with pet insurance,” Brennan said. Damian Hanley, creative director, F&B Huskies, said pets have a huge benefit for mental health. “So, you don’t want to take away from that by worrying about their health. That’s what this campaign is about.”


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