An Post card gives love stamp of approval

An Post is rolling out a new campaign by sending love across the nation with a Christmas card. The idea behind the activity is that Christmas truly starts when people receive their first card. The card will be landing in letter boxes across the country over the next week and features the beloved Tin Man from the Christmas Send from the Heart advertising campaign created last year for An Post by Folk Wunderman Thompson.

The card was the work of An Post’s recently-appointed agency, Boys+Girls.

Julie Gill, commercial marketing director, An Post, said: ”We’re delighted to be able to send love to the nation with the first Christmas card and hopefully it is the first one of many. Who would you like to send some love to this Christmas? It could be the person you love the most – or a friend who won’t make it home this year. Whoever it is, the most magical way to show them love is by sending a card through the door,” Gill added.



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