An Post highest-rated brand during Covid-19

An Post has emerged as the nation’s most highly-rated brand in how it has responded to the Covid-19 coronavirus crisis, some way ahead of the country’s supermarkets and public transport companies, a ‘Now Next’ report by Genesis shows. Supermarkets and the HSE are seen as having done the most to help Irish people cope with the effects of the pandemic.

Department of Health chief medical officer Dr Tony Holohan was rated by a majority of respondents as the individual contributing most to the nation’s fight against Covid-19. The report says that for a large cohort, trustworthy information and truth are hard to determine. Government has shown relatively good leadership and communications to date.

With respect to finance, physical and mental health and household relationships, Irish people think other people are struggling more than themselves. Commenting on the report, Mark Nolan, consulting director, Genesis, said Ireland is coping relatively well psychologically, for now, finding resilience in the belief that “others” have it worse.


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The stability and strength of this resilience is set to become more tested as time passes. As people start to process what is happening to them and what the longer term consequences might be, things will become more emotionally and psychologically challenging. It will be more about “my” circumstances rather than “others’” health and well-being.

It will become more evident that some people are more affected than others. Divisions will emerge and perceptions will arise about a lack of fairness – “we are all in this together” may become a satirical jibe rather than a rallying call. People in Ireland are also looking forward to being able to do again the things they enjoyed that have been temporarily taken away.

The values and decision making compass of Ireland is changing significantly. Values are shifting and these will shape behaviours and decisions over the next decade. Political, cultural and social systems have been upended and paused; how they re-start will be based on the discussions and debates that policy makers and businesses put forward now.

Pictured above is TV personality Angela Scanlon in the An Post TV ad created by JWT Folk

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