Anti-racism ad created by Cannes Young Lions

Cinema and advertising interests teamed up with the Irish Network Against Racism (INAR) to produce a Cannes Young Lions-winning cinema ad, relaunching the web resource as an app to make reporting and responding to racism easier. INAR co-ordinates a network of 102 civil society bodies developing racist incident reports since 2013.

They logged thousands of incidents, producing from their data reports and policy submissions to national and international reporting bodies, government and media. In this period, INAR have developed the capacity of their network members to support people to respond to racist incidents including the ‘Responding to Racism Guide’.

The 226 page-directory lists institutions, public bodies and their procedures with regards to racism and discrimination. The resources feature in a new iReport app, available for Android and iOS devices on INAR’s new website. The app is aimed at minority group members who experience racism and urges the public to ‘speak up’ and make racism visible.

The Cannes Young Lions is led by the Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland (IAPI) and sponsored by cinema sales house Wide Eye Media and Pull The Trigger, the commercials production company run by Max Brady. The competition encourages social responsibility and creativity in the adland by promoting up-and-coming talent.

This year, the winning film to promote INAR and its new resource App was ‘Blackout’, entered by Paul Kinsella, art director at Ogilvy and Eoin Tierney, a copywriter with Boys + Girls. The duo worked with ad’s director, Richie Smyth of Pull The Trigger. It will be screened in Irish cinemas by Wide Eye Media for films rated 15A and above.

“The Cannes Young Lions winning cinema ad by Eoin Tierney and Paul Kinsella uses real world footage of racial incidents.” says Su Duff, marketing and research director at Wide Eye Media. “While the experiences are uncomfortable to watch, they are unfortunately present in Irish life. Wide Eye Media are happy to be able to support INAR,” Duff added.

To watch the ad, go to the Wide Eye Media website at

After the launch of the INAR ad, the Irish premiere of Queen & Slim (above) was screened.

Pictured in Cineworld on Parnell Street are Su Duff, Wide Eye Media; director Richie Smyth; Charley Stoney, IAPI; Paul Kinsella, Ogilvy; Max Brady, Pull the Trigger and Eoin Tierney, Boys + Girls  



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