Cullen’s book about Australia on Amazon editor Michael Cullen’s book about his time living in Australia in the late 1980s is now available on Amazon. Echoes from Down Under is an Irishman’s collection of stories and anecdotes from his days working as a journalist in Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Tales of friendship, adventure, joy, and tragedy. The author recounts his experiences as a reporter covering the courts in the outback town of Katherine.

At the time, Katherine had the second highest crime rate pro rata in Australia after Sydney. “The Northern Territory was ‘Crocodile Dundee’ country,” Cullen said, “where the temperature in the build-up to the wet season could reach 48 degrees Celsius and the humidity was punishing. People would lose their minds – they’d go ‘troppo’. Contrast that with the cosmopolitan and care-free world of Perth and Fremantle in WA.”

He chronicles drama on the high seas with round the world sailor Enda O’Coineen, the plight of Australia’s First Nations’ people, the wars fought at home and abroad, and the growing impact of climate change on the country. He interviews the redoubtable writer and broadcaster Clive James in Perth’s Burswood Casino. He also recalls events from his days Down Under with throwbacks to his life in Ireland. Pictured is a quokka on Rottnest Island. 

The book’s cover image was created by Dynamo designer Claire Foley.

Copies of Echoes from Down Under: An Irishman’s Adventures from 1980s Australia are now available to buy on Amazon at copies of the book can be ordered by emailing Michael Cullen at



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