Irish people question advertising’s role

Research shows that 77 per cent of Irish people believe that the advertising industry should help people lead healthy, sustainable lives while at the same time 45 per cent agree that the world would be better off without advertising in its current form. The Ipsos B&A study, entitled Good Life 2030 Ireland, indicates that one in three (32 per cent) neither agree or disagree, while almost one in four – 23 per cent – disagree with the statement.

The survey is designed to uncover insights into what Irish people believe a ‘good life’ looks like for them in the year 2030 and the role  advertising might play. Nearly half of the population feel that the work of the advertising industry is misaligned with what they want for themselves. However, one in four say that ads influence their idea of a good life, while 77 per cent agree that advertising industry should help people lead healthy, sustainable lives.

A common perception is that adland drives an emphasis on stuff, status and wealth. Purpose Disruptors has shown that the industry is taking the world in the opposite direction to where it needs to go. It  encourages the industry to transform its modus operandi. The findings are based on interviews with a representative sample of 1,030 adults aged 16 and over, who were asked to describe their values and articulate their vision for a ‘good life.’


Whilst there is widespread awareness and concern about climate change, to many people the changes required can seem like compromises that negatively impact people’s lifestyles. The Good Life project is funded by Creative Ireland as part of the Creative Climate Action Fund and was managed by Purpose Disruptors, a body founded by former marketing, media and advertising leaders in a bid to promote adland’s  climate transition.

The project looks to 2030, a critical milestone for halving carbon emissions that Ireland is not currently on track to meet. Pictured above as part of the Good Life 2030 Ireland project are Gillian Doyle from Dublin, one of the participants in the Good Life survey, and Laura Costello, head of sustainability and planet services at Thinkhouse and Ireland lead for Purpose Disruptors. The Thinkhouse marketing agency is B Corp certified.

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