Dentsu says most Irish plan holidays

In Dentsu’s latest Pulse study, 1,000 Irish adults were asked about their holiday intentions for this year. The report found that nearly three-quarters of adults are planning to go on holidays in the coming months, with one in three having already decided on their destination in March. Although most consumers have made, or intend to make, holiday plans for this year, one in four either have no plans, or can’t afford to head away on holiday leave.

Two thirds of adults holidaying this year will take their main break in Europe, with another one in six staying in Ireland. Asia is most popular with those aged 18-24, with 11 per cent planning to go there this year. Among those planning on taking several breaks this year, over half will take a holiday break in Ireland. Cost of living pressures mean that almost one in three either do not have any plans or are unable to afford to take a holiday away this year.

Six in ten of those without plans are struggling to meet everyday living costs; although fewer people than last year told us that their home energy bills are too high, this remains a quarter of those who are not planning a holiday this year. Holiday packages will need to be competitively priced and represent value-for-money if companies are to attract business from those finding everyday living costs to be a challenge.


Dentsu’s research director Claire O’Rourke (pictured) says there are differences in targeting and messaging consumers. People plan main holidays well in advance. Over two thirds plan to go to Europe – with 81 per cent organising their main holiday at least three months in advance. Shorter holidays may be booked less than two months in advance. For those selling package holidays or deals on longer trips, it is important for offering discounts.

Price comparison websites are the top resource used when planning a main holiday, with those aged 55+ proving an exception. Social media now plays a major role in providing travel inspiration with 41 per cent of under 35 year olds looking to social media for inspiration. After a very wet year in Ireland, good weather is the top factor considered by consumers when choosing their holiday this year, ahead of budget-friendly.

Over a third of under 35s are looking to go somewhere new or that has scope for adventure. Fun, adventure holiday messaging would be well placed on social media. The focus changes as children and family enter the mix, with nearly half of those aged 45-54 looking for child friendly accommodation, significantly more than any other age group. One in six are looking for luxury locations to holiday this year, rising to one in four of those aged 25-34.

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