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Rita Kirwan, marketing and communications director, Flogas, a DCC company








Irish Cancer Society – We. Won’t. Stop.

Hope. Belief. Resilience. Courage. Beautiful film celebrating the breadth of work the Irish Cancer Society does. ‘We will not stop shaking buckets’. In a marketing world where we talk so much about technology, the ad reminds us that the most important thing is people, a chat, popping in to see someone, a big hug and kindness. I love the music, the words on screen, the pace, the branding, the people and the films purpose. Everyone can help – whether its donating to the Irish Cancer Society shops or putting some money in the collection buckets. Motivating and purposeful. Well done to the team at Folk VML.









Allianz – Let’s Stop The Drop

Powerful film and striking creative by F&B Dublin. The fact that one in five children drop out of sport by secondary school is astonishing and something that stopped me in my tracks, and made me think. The girl in the film is amazing, the darkness and mood is powerful and the music accentuates the story. The visual of the sports equipment is simple and adds impact. Looking forward to the campaign’s next chapter and how Allianz can help ‘Stop the Drop’.








Kellogg’s – Better Days Are Built on Breakfasts

A great insight. Better days are built on breakfasts. Breakfast is about much more than food. Breakfast is a precious few minutes sitting down on your own, with your kids, friends or family before you start your day. Young or old, breakfast is a valuable habit to create and not one everybody can afford. Foodbanks, breakfast clubs and the people working in them do invaluable work for kids, so take a bow Kellogg’s and Foodcloud on this initiative.

From your number one Tony the Tiger fan! They’r-r-r-e great!

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