BBDO ads urge people to vote

A new TV campaign for An Coimisiún Toghcháin created by BBDO Dublin, which is now “in partnership as TBWA Dublin”, has been launched in the run up to the referendum on Friday, March 8. As the Irish people will be asked to vote on two proposed changes to the constitution, the initial stage of the multi-media campaign is designed to get people to register to vote, before a second phase in the commission’s campaign launches in February.

The second phase will inform people about the specific referendum topics as well as directing them to to find out more. A third and final phase will encourage people to get out and vote on the day. The first phase, ‘Your vote is your voice’, highlights the importance of citizens using their franchise, something that starts with people aged 18 and over checking the register and being ready to vote.


The use of humour is designed to cut through with a message that if you don’t speak up, someone else may decide for you. The three spots, created by Jean Donovan and Kevin Leahy, and directed by Tina Bull for Antidote Films, use everyday scenes where simple requests are interrupted by someone else having their say, choosing what hairstyle they should have, what they should get from the chipper, and where they should go on holiday.

It concludes with the line ‘Be a voter’.

An Coimisiún Toghcháin is the new independent body responsible for overseeing referendums as part of a wider remit. Art O’Leary, chief executive of An Coimisiún Toghcháin, said: “As a new organization, we’re keen that our first venture onto the airwaves is high-impact and innovative.” He added that it is hoped the campaign can strike a chord with some traditionally hard-to-reach communities.

Shane O’Brien, executive creative director, BBDO, said: “When you don’t vote, you are letting others speak for you. This campaign brings that simple insight to life in an entertaining and relatable way. You’d never let someone else order for you, or pick your holiday, or choose your haircut; so why should something as important as your vote be any different? By being a voter, you make sure your voice is heard.”

The media was handled by Mindshare.


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