BBDO shares Simon’s worrying new message

BBDO Dublin has created a new campaign for Dublin Simon to highlight a major and unwelcome development in Dublin’s housing and homelessness crisis. Homelessness is now so commonplace that many people have become desensitised to it. An eviction notice in Dublin is nothing new, but what is new, is the higher number of elderly renters now at risk.

In fact, elderly homelessness has increased by 30 per cent in the last year alone.

‘Last Christmas’ highlights older and elderly renters who are at risk of spending their last Christmas with a home. It looks as though the couple in the TV spot are getting out their Christmas decorations. However, it becomes apparent they are leaving their home for good. The ad aims to raise funds and awareness of this new cohort in homeless services.

The campaign, which runs across TV, radio, social, digital and out of home (OOH), is a departure from Dublin Simon’s usual Christmas advertising, which head of fundraising and communications Aisling Harmey says the charity was prompted to make based on the emerging phenomenon which its frontline teams are seeing on an increasing basis.


Bairbre McGlade, creative director, BBDO Dublin, said that when they first heard the phrase ‘elderly homeless’ they couldn’t get it out of their heads. “It was a side to homelessness we weren’t previously aware of,” McGlade said. “It didn’t just strike a chord with us, but also with all of the talented people who donated their time and skills to create this campaign.”

Among those who worked with the agency team at BBDO on the Simon campaign were Andrew Freedman and Paula Stewart from Antidote, directors Brendan Canty and Ross Whitaker, composer Denis Kilty and photographer Leo Byrne. Watch the TV ad at




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