Bonfire presses home Alone’s message

Alone Poster by Bonfire - Photo by Terry McDonagh

As the national body for nursing homes pushes home the message that older people’s needs are best catered for in such care homes around the country, the Alone charity is rolling out a new media campaign which asks the question: ‘Why are we forcing older people out of their homes?’ Created by Bonfire, the ads are running on a number of outdoor sites.

The ads ask the question ‘why are we forcing older people out of their homes?’ Most older people don’t need round-the-clock care in a nursing home and would be much happier in their own home with an hour or two of help a day. Not only is it a better quality of life but it also cuts costs for taxpayers – yet older people are put into nursing homes ahead of their time.

Bonfire and Alone have workedg together since their first award-winning campaign over 20 years ago. The agency’s creative director Seán Hynes says the inspiration for the latest ads was born out of personally witnessing empty wasted homes of elderly relatives who were in hospital for no other reason that they couldn’t fully care for themselves at home.

Homes are full of great memories and reminders of loved ones. They have the comfort of familiarity and routine and knowing where everything is under one roof. Neighbours, friends and family can call to people’s homes and enjoy a chat and a cup of tea. The brief to photographer Terry McDonagh was to create an image of “a modern scene from Pompeii”.

The ad shows a comfortable lived-in home that was simply deserted.


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