Boys + Girls behind new comedy series

Boyz on Top is a new six-part comedy that follows the attempted comeback of a fictional boyband from the noughties. The mockumentary series was written and directed by Boys + Girls content lead duo Sam Moorhead and Mikey Fleming. After years of work, they finally brought it to life through a Kickstarter campaign and the backing of their agency.

The project showcases the type of longer-form, entertainment content that the agency is striving to create. The story follows delusional frontman, Dylan St James, as he tries to follow in the footsteps of Take That, Boyzone and Westlife, with a long awaited reunion. But not all goes to plan, as he fights against a lack of relevance, interest and talent.

Boyz on Top includes four original tracks, with lyrics by Sam himself, and music from Windmill Lane’s Mick Creedon, formerly of 90s rock band Junkster, and singer/songwriter Tim Chadwick. The cast includes Shane Robinson, Tamryn Reineck, Mark Cantan, Rob Earley, Eoin Lynam, Kate Moylan and comedian Karl Spain.

It was produced by Failsafe Films, with post-production by Promenade Post and Locky Butler Sound, while Boys + Girls acted as the project’s executive producers. Fleming said it accidentally became very relevant, when they began writing it four years ago they had no idea Spice Girls, Westlife, Boyzone and Take That would all be touring again.

The series is less of a satire, and more of a homage to Louis Walshe’s greatest creations, commenting on the odd love affair the nation shares with boybands and looking at what happened to those who were left on the outskirts of the overly saturated market during the mid noughties. All episodes are available now on

You can watch the trailer here






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