Boys+Girls roll out PhoneWatch ads

Boys+Girls, has launched a new multichannel campaign for PhoneWatch monitored home security systems. The campaign was inspired by the fact that homes protected by the alarm system are known to be four times less likely to be burgled. The series of ads feature a fictitious burglar bootcamp where would-be house thieves are taught to avoid PhoneWatch protected homes above all else.

Eschewing traditional scaremongering associated with the category, the campaign showcases the brand’s 15-second response time as the key reason for purchasers to feel safe and for would-be burglars to avoid houses with such protection. The campaign leads with a digital AV, directed by Bafta-winning director Chris Cottam, supported by a suite of product content created by Circle Content, with stills photography by Liam Murphy.

Where do burglars go to learn their craft? Who teaches them the valuable lessons that will get them in and out of houses undetected and keep them out of jail? Most importantly, where do they learn to avoid houses with a PhoneWatch monitored alarm. Thus the ‘Burglar Bootcamp’ idea was born. Boys+Girls believe it will have a massive impact in the market. The agency worked to Elaine Byrne, PhoneWatch’s brand and advertising manager.







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