Cadbury extends ties to women’s football

The Public House have launched a new campaign for Cadbury urging the public to show their support for women’s football across Ireland. As a partner of the Republic of Ireland women’s team, Mondelez Ireland support grassroots clubs around Ireland with inroads to make the sport more accessible, removing some of the barriers to entry and improving standards.

The new campaign is part of Cadbury’s sponsorship platform, Become A Supporter & A Half, calling on the public to go above and beyond in supporting women’s football. The campaign was fuelled by insights gleaned from surveys and focus groups with players, coaches and volunteers from grassroots women’s teams around the country.


It became clear that while funding is vital to the growth of women’s football in Ireland, support for the national team and local clubs was also key. Players pointed to the impact people can have by volunteering at clubs, or attending matches. Consumers aren’t just being asked to support women’s football, they’re asked to become a supporter and a half.

The ads run across out of home, social and digital, the hero film shot by female director duo JAK, features players from two grassroots teams and the women’s international team. There is a mix of in-camera, post special effects and a bespoke score by Otis Studios. Pictured is Republic of Ireland captain and Arsenal midfielder Katie McCabe in one of the ads.



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