Campaign runs to roll out Uisce Éireann

Uisce Éireann is the new name for Irish Water, Ireland’s public water authority. The name change came into effect in January, in line with the provisions of the Water Services Amendment Act 2022. The new identity, which was created  by the Richards Dee branding agency, is intended to reflect a vision of sustainability where water is respected and protected.

The rebrand is seen as offering a new opportunity to communicate with the public about the services the company provides. Uisce Éireann aims is to create a world-class water utility focused on meeting customer and community needs, delivering efficient water services and supporting housing, economic development and job creation.

Uisce Éireann staff will join with colleagues from local authority water services.

Orlaith Blaney (pictured), director of corporate Affairs, Uisce Éireann, said: “We know from our own surveys and also in research by the Water Advisory Body, that there is still work to be done in informing the public about our critical role in providing safe drinking water, protecting the environment and supporting Ireland’s economic growth and development.

“Our priority is public health and to ensure the public know who to contact in the event of an issue about water, we will be communicating more on radio and TV in June. We’re investing €1.2 billion in 2023 to address wastewater infrastructure deficits to bring services up to standard for a growing economy and to ensure a sustainable supply of water.


“Our focus is on making sure our customers understand how we can support them, know how to access essential information about water supplies, and become more familiar with the various channels through which they can get in touch with us,” Blaney added. The company operates 716 water treatment plants and 1,057 wastewater treatment plants.

It manages over 90,000 km of water and sewer pipes. Uisce Éireann is investing €5.26 billion in upgrading these assets in the current investment period from 2020 to 2024. The new branding features a ‘stream’, reflecting the flow of water and the circularity of nature. The aim is to re-enforce visually a sustainable Ireland, where water is respected and protected.

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