Connelly rolls out new message

Connelly Partners have been busy creating hot summer beaches in midwinter Dublin, climbing hills in Howth and leaving the lights on in Baldoyle. It’s all part of’s new campaign, about to launch across TV, VOD, radio and digital. It’s the sequel to the Remember/Forget campaign, which positioned’s service and products as so good, consumers could forget insurance concerns with a focus on noting life’s key moments.

The new message jumps from the joy of remembering to the consequences of forgetting. What happens if you forget to put on your handbrake, take your house keys with you or check where you left your passport? A campaign of short, sharp moments says clearly – gives you more memory power. The benefits and insurance offer is so good, you can just forget about and remember the more important things.


Production company Rubberduck shot four videos across Dublin in one day – amid beautiful sunrises, wind, rain, caffeine shortages and seagulls the size of small aircraft. The film is accompanied by Simple Minds’ track, ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’, which famously featured in the John Hughes’ film The Breakfast Club. The result is a campaign aimed at understanding the hassle of forgetting, while trying to be amusing and unforgettable.

Elaine Knowles, head of marketing,, said it was a rollercoaster of a shoot. “We covered so much in a short space of time,” Knowles said. “The campaign captures what we believe is our core consumer insight – that our customers can just get on with their lives and remember the important day-to-day stuff, because we’ll be there if they need us. Our insurance products cover people in all sorts of daily challenges.”

Watch the TV ad here

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