Core study says virus crisis will run into 2021

A survey by Core shows that that 70 per cent of Irish people believe that the Covid-19 outbreak will last beyond September and into spring 2021. The research results comes four weeks since the closure of schools and offers insight into how people are coping during the public health emergency and their thoughts on how the crisis has been handled so far.

The survey is based on the views of 1,000 participants, interviewed online and representative of the adult population. The study shows that after weeks of staying at home, people have adapted to their new way of life, as 62 per cent said they were optimistic that Ireland will overcome the pandemic, while one in two felt that the rest of the world would recover.

The level of positive optimism reveals a ‘pragmatic population,’ with Irish people staying hopeful, resilient and realistic about the pandemic. Some 66 per cent say they are enjoying the simple, everyday pleasures of life, while four in ten said relationships with family remain the same. Almost one in two people said their relationships had improved.


The level of concern about the virus had declined slightly in the past four weeks, from 75 per cent to 68 per cent as the nation was told to stay at home to flatten the curve. While Irish people have experienced increased levels of stress and anxiety, overall many of the respondents said they have taken a pragmatic approach to the national emergency.

It is further evidenced in public approval of the collective handling of the situation, with 80 per cent support for local businesses, 61 per cent for large companies, 75 per cent for the Government and significantly, 69 per cent of people declaring their approval of how other citizens are handling the crisis. See the full report at


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