DesignWorks 25 wins Idea grand prix

Noteworthy design: Designworks 25 created the brochure for Michaelas Music House, Gwendolyn Masins manuscript on teaching methods and violin technique.

Noteworthy design: Designworks 25 created the brochure for Michaela's Music House, Gwendolyn Masin's manuscript on violin technique.

DesignWorks 25 won the grand prix Irish Design Effectiveness Award (Idea) for Michaela’s Music House (MMH) illustration-based violin tutor at the 15th annual awards organised by Design Business Ireland. The MMH book was written by acclaimed musician Gwendolyn Masin.
Other award winners included Neworld Associates for its re-brand of Don Carlos for Boyne Valley; the GAA re-brand by Brand Union; Molly’s Irish Cream packaging by Huguenot; Guinness Storehouse by Martello Media and The Tannery’s web design by Totem Communications.
Speaking at the awards, DBI chairman Nicholas Cloake said Ireland needs to be re-branded as a result of the decline in international confidence. Cloake said it was important from a communications point of view that the government re-builds our global standing.
“Design has never been a passive contributor in Ireland’s previous successes and will play a pivotal role in our return to prosperity,” Cloake said. “But there needs to be leadership from government and a recognition and understanding of what the design sector contributes.”
Design Business Ireland is a body representing designers across all-Ireland. It is committed to promoting the effectiveness and value of design to the business community, government and the design sector.

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