Diageo rolls out Guinness zero emission trucks

Diageo Ireland has announced plans to introduce its first zero emission vehicles into its Guinness truck fleet from this summer. The ambition is for 70 per cent of Guinness trucks to be zero emission by the end of 2025 and universally by the end of the decade. Diageo already has a zero emission vehicle, which is only in use at the Guinness brewery in St James’s Gate.

The truck is being used in a trial to transport bulk beer in the Guinness tankers from the brewery to Dublin Port, which will help determine if it can be used to transport heavy goods more widely. Additionally, Diageo  will add four zero emission trucks later this year to its fleet which will be used in a separate trial to deliver kegs to the hospitality trade in Dublin city.

Barry O’Sullivan, managing director, Diageo Ireland, said the company was only 263 years into its 9,000-year lease on the brewery and they were into sustainability for the long haul. Today’s announcement forms part of Diageo’s wider 10-year sustainability action plan, ‘Society 2030: Spirit of Progress’, which outlines the company’s commitment to carbon emissions.

More details on Diageo’s ‘Society 2030 Spirit of Progress’ plan can be found here

Pictured is Hilary Quinn, marketing director, Diageo Ireland at St James’s Gate

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