Disney+ Amplifies message for Turning Red

Disney+ has broken new ground in out of home (OOH) advertising in Ireland with the launch of its new movie, Turning Red. In a media first, the streaming service has teamed up with Mediaworks and PML Group’s Source division to become the first campaign to use Amplify, Global’s new digital platform across its large format digital network.

The 3D advertising for Turning Red features on Global’s dX screen in Dundrum Town Centre, which is considered to be the country’s largest shopping mall. The creative introduces the movie’s character Mei Lee, who “poofs” into a giant red panda when she gets excited, making it perfect for the larger-than-life 3D treatment.

The Dundrum 3D creative forms the centrepiece of a wider digital OOH (DOOH) campaign in the run up to the movie’s March 11th release date and includes retail and roadside digital panels. The strategy enables Disney+ to create impact around the launch, drive brand awareness and influence choice among the movie going target audience.

The enduring power of classic OOH formats, salient transport networks and persuasive retail messaging, combined with the flexibility of digital, is driving new growth in outdoor advertising. The 3D Amplify platform continues the ongoing development of digital in the outdoor space in Ireland, creating new opportunities for delivering impact for brands.

Watch the video here… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTgEynu_BCA



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