Droga5 rolls out new Woodie’s TV ad

Woodie’s new TV ad, entitled ‘Larry’, airs this weekend with a focus on the power of community and the benefits of sharing resources. The retailer says Irish communities pool resources by sharing DIY, home and garden products. The motivation for sharing may be because the item is bulky and hard to store, expensive or something that is used infrequently.

Hilda Lyon, head of marketing, Woodies, said not only is this sustainable but it is builds personal relationships and helps people in communities stay connected. Created by Accenture Song’s Droga5, the TV ad was produced by Butter and directed by Zac Emerson, who also shot the ‘Mrs. Higgins’ Christmas spot for Woodie’s.

The music was composed by Emmy-nominated David Schweitzer.

The ad was filmed in Marino in Dublin.

Watch the ad at https://youtu.be/p_fwpvkSIjg

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