Dublin city unrest top news story

The stabbings of innocent people and the subsequent riots in Dublin city centre in November was the top news story in Ireland in 2023, Core reports. In an end-of-year review based on its Cultural Index Review, Core lists the most significant news stories in Ireland during the past year. The report is based on interviews with 12,000 people about 220 news stories, including the cost-of-living, the climate crisis and on-going war and humanitarian crises.

Sport stories and pop culture coverage also featured.

By asking people what stories they were aware of, and the extent to which they believed they impacted on them personally, provided a list of the most important stories. Apart from the violence in Dublin city centre on November 23rd, other stories which resonated most with people last year included the Turkey and Syrian earthquake, the Hamas attack and Israel’s bombardment of Gaza. Inflation, Barbie, the Beckhams, football and AI also featured.

Chaos in the capital: Alan Benson’s photo of the Dublin riots in The Irish Times

The study indicated that after a number of years navigating a pandemic, the level of people’s stress dropped in 2022, but rose again this year. One in three Irish adults experienced worry, stress, anxiety or frustration, Core research showed.

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