Dublin GAA star McMahon launches Defiant

Dublin GAA All-Star Philly McMahon is backing the launch of a new bottled water which is 100 per cent H20, purified seven times. Defiant was developed in Ireland after independent tests of leading water products found carcinogens present in many, as well as mercury and harmful chemicals such as pesticides. Defiant was created by gym owner Aidan Roche.

Defiant Supervits has all-natural fruit flavourings and comes in mandarin, lemon ‘n’ lime and strawberry and lime varieties. They contain vitamin B12 to help reduce fatigue and vitamin C to boosts immunity. The filtered water drink has zero sugars and only 3kcals per 500ml serving. Defiant is on sale in Spar, Mace, Gala and Tesco packaged in eco friendly packs.

European studies value the Irish water market at around €500 million.

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