Dublin Mint coins it for Apollo 11 moon landing

The Dublin Mint Office has produced two limited edition coin and ingot sets to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, which took place on July 20 1969. The sets feature designs celebrating one of the most historic achievements in modern history. The coins and ingots were produced by the US Mint and are limited to just 500 issues each.

The Magnificent Desolation 50th Anniversary Gold Set includes a ¼ ounce gold $5 coin and a five gram gold ingot. The Giant Leap for Mankind 50th Anniversary Set includes a silver five-ounce $1 coin and a 2.5 gram gold ingot. The sets’ presentation box has a gold layered plaque – a replica of the plaque that was left on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission.

It has the words: ‘Here men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the Moon, July 1969 A.D. We came in peace for all mankind’. The plaque also includes engravings of the signatures of the mission’s three astronauts – Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins, as well as President Richard Nixon. The box also has a printed inlay featuring the moon landing.



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