Dublin star Con O’Callaghan fronts for NDC

Dublin footballer Con O’Callaghan, All Stars camogie player of the year Grace Walsh and Limerick hurler Cian Lynch are this year’s sports stars appointed as ambassadors for the European Union (EU)-backed National Dairy Council NDC) ‘Everything starts with milk’ campaign encouraging Irish consumers to drink more milk for strong performance.

O’Callaghan has played in All-Ireland-winning Dublin teams and as a dual footballer and hurler for his local club, Dalkey-based Cuala. Walsh, who plays in defence for her club side Tullaroan and the Kilkenny county camogie team, joins the NDC campaign in between rotas as a clinical nurse at St Vincent’s Hospital and will provide insight into her training.

The pan-European campaign is being implemented to highlight the importance of milk as an important dietary building block at all stages of life, from childhood growth and development to post-workout recovery. The NDC describes milk as a perfect post-performance recovery drink, rich in protein and an important nutrient for muscle growth and maintenance.


It provides a natural carbohydrate source to help refuel energy stores. O’Callaghan says the important thing for him is a healthy balanced diet of protein, calcium and vitamin-based foods. He chooses milk as his supplement of choice to keep his body in good condition and to stay hydrated after training. Milk is an affordable, natural and versatile food.

A glass of milk offers electrolytes in a fluid form to assist rehydration and provides several vitamins and minerals with important roles for health including calcium, phosphorous, and potassium to support bone health, iodine to contribute to normal cognitive brain function, vitamin B2 to assist with energy release, and vitamin B12 to support the immune system.

Boxer Kellie Harrington is also part of the EU-NDC milk campaign.



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