Dulux paints picture of year round swimmers

Dulux Weathershield has launched an online campaign created by Boys & Girls with a trio of open water swimmers. A short documentary called ‘The Invincibles’ was shot in Myrtleville beach in Co.Cork. It explores the story of Tom Bermingham, Mairead Ni Mhaoileóin and Tom McCarthy, who are dedicated sea swimmers all year round – rail, hail or shine.

Boys and Girls creative director Laurence O’Byrne says the documentary provides an opportunity to tell a story that could live beyond the confines of a traditional TV commercial. “But even though at its core it’s an online campaign and not TV, the same principles apply – find the idea, and craft it into something special,” O’Byrne added.

The short documentary is the first of its kind for Dulux and new territory for Weathershield. Social platforms are used, with Facebook and Twitter acting as the prime launch pads. Using video teasers and strong imagery, a target audience of what’s described as “confident, perfectionist 35+ homeowners” are directed to a bespoke landing page.

It not only gives ‘The Invincibles’ a home, it also allows Dulux tell the Weathershield story from another perspective and helps show product benefits. A 40-second and 20-second radio ad aims to highlight the challenging weather that tests the mettle of Dulux Weathershield. Wit soudns of wind and rain, the ads were recorded during Storm Ewan.

To see the ad, go to http://www.weathershield.ie/theinvincibles/index.jsp


Client:                                 Dulux Ireland

Head of marketing:          Judith Byrne

Senior brand manager:   Ruth Potter

 Agency:                              Boys & Girls

Creative director:              Laurence O’Byrne

Art director:                       Paddy Thunder

Copywriter:                        Eoin Conlon

Designer:                            Katie Kidd

Agency producer:             Sarah Chadwick

Account director:             Chris Upton

Account manager:            Alicia Coyle

Account executive:          Allie Sheehy

Strategic planner:            Margaret Gilsenan

Director:                             Adam Patterson

Production:                         Motherland/Ross Kileen, Tess Bunworth, Keith Bradley

DOP:                                     Naryan Van Mele

Sound:                                 Graham Newcombe

Sound design:                     RayGun/Dean Jones

Music:                                  Jon Jon Mehigan

Editor:                                   Joe Rigby



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