Durex ads highlight ill-fitting condoms

A thought-provoking out of home campaign is currently doing the rounds in Dublin aimed at drawing people’s attention to Durex’s Sensations condom. The billboards deliberately don’t fit within the site frame to let people know that they could be using ill-fitting condoms. The campaign, rolled out by Headcase Marketing and Zenith, show giant condom wrappers spilling out of the frame, highlighting incidents of ill-fitting condoms.

A recent survey by Durex revealed that at least three in four adults are not entirely convinced they are buying the right-fitting condom. The new campaign aims to highlight the lack of awareness and education surrounding condoms and their different fits. In terms of ‘fit’, Durex offers three options: close, regular and wide. Masooma Hasan, brand manager, Durex Ireland, said consumers don’t have to take a one-size-fits-all approach.

“We believe that everybody should be able to find their best fit and have wonderful, feel-good sex, without compromising on safety or sensation,” Hasan added. Durex campaigns against the misconceived idea that all condoms reduce sexual pleasure. In tandem with the OOH ads, Durex is partnering with Waterford Whispers News and Gay Community News. The brand has also enlisted Dublin influencer Meditations for the Anxious Mind.

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