Dynamo rolls out Newstalk rebrand

In its first major rebrand for Newstalk in over 15 years, Bauer Media has launched a new logo, visual identity and brand tagline for the station created by Dynamo. The new look is based on audience research. Newstalk has a weekly audience of 786,000 listeners. The latest JNLR report by Ipsos gives the talk station a national market share of seven per cent.

The new identity includes a dual font logo which plays on the two elements of the Newstalk brand name while placing a firmer emphasis on ‘talk’. The talk element will also be used as a graphic device within layouts to reinforce and  highlight its importance to the brand. The new logo is supported by an icon device for use on social media and digital platforms.

The new colour palette and fonts reflect a more contemporary brand with the aim of setting Newstalk apart from its  competitors. The new tagline, ‘Conversation That Counts’, features in marketing and radio communications. Patricia Monahan, managing editor, Newstalk, said the rebrand will be supported by a marketing campaign starting in early June.


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