Entry deadline looms for this year’s AIMs

There are now only a few days left to submit entries for this year’s All Ireland Marketing Awards (AIMs), organised by the Marketing Institute. Entrants writing submissions are asked to try and connect up the three-part storyline. Firstly, there is the business/brand challenge. Entrants should describe the business challenge being confronted. It can be related to revenue, market share growth, brand positioning or a new market challenge.

Secondly, your response/actions. Entrants should summarise the marketing response to the challenge. What were the main strands in the approach adopted? Describe the marketing mix deployed. Finally, results. Summarise the outcome achieved as a result of the marketing response. What were the various business benefits gained?

The business benefits gained could be in terms of revenue, profit market share, customer acquisition, and retention numbers, etc – or a mix of these. Marketing is about results, so entrants should state these clearly. Only 250 words are required in each of the three sections. The summary section is limited to 200 words. Simple, direct language works best.

No additional material should be submitted at this initial stage.

Entries close this Thursday, February 8th.

Pictured is last year’s winning marketing team.

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