Experiential used to roll out Fifa 18 in Dundrum

To mark the launch of Fifa 18, EA Sports activated an experiential marketing event to surprise the unsuspecting shoppers of Dundrum Town Centre. Held over a weekend, shoppers could avail of EA Sports impressive Fifa 18 man crèche, an area to kick back and relax and get stuck in to sampling the legendary game.

The crèche featured two TV’s back to back, so there could be four gamers playing at any one time, leather couches, branded beanbags and fridges stocked with plenty of refreshments. Staff were also on hand to answer any of the gamers’ questions. The pop up offered a great opportunity to engage an in-market audience and provide a taster of the game.

Directions to Gamestop, the nearest Fifa seller, were also displayed on dPods throughout the centre to point eager fans in the right direction if they wished to purchase the game. Offering innovative and exciting out of home (OOH) activations can deliver a novel and nuance way to market to consumers and standout from the crowd.

It allows a brand to drive social media interaction, gain positive brand perception, create excitement around a product launch and generate some PR. The campaign was planned by Core Media’s Spark Foundry with PML’s in-house team of designers’, Design +, developing the creative, while Eclipse Media constructed the man crèche.

See video at https://vimeo.com/237763605



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