Exterion study shows outdoor ads hold up

The number of consumers exposed to out of home (OOH) ads is in line with industry norms, the latest Exterion Media WorkShopPlay survey shows. Despite the current circumstances relating to the Covid-19 pandemic, OOH advertising is delivering high levels of audiences with 83 per cent of those surveyed noticing an ad in the past week.

While all formats and environments are performing well, bus advertising is performing particularly strongly, the survey undertaken at the end of last month indicates. While 45 per cent of urban dwellers  continue to work from home, audiences are spending more time locally shopping but are spending their leisure time in city centres.

The study shows that 67 per cent of consumers are seeing bus advertising in their city/town centre, 64 per cent are seeing bus ads on their way to and from work, with 62 per cent seeing these ads in their local areas.  In addition, 66 per cent of respondents have seen ads on digital screens in a shopping mall in the past week, the report added.

While some restrictions remain in place, OOH audiences have been active across a number of areas in the past week, including grocery shopping (87 per cent), dining out (38 per cent in a restaurant, 20 per cent in a pub), shopping for clothes (33 per cent) and doing DIY around the house (38 per cent). There was a high recall of ads across categories.

Bus ads for the Government’s Covid Transport campaign scored 84 per cent, while billboards for car ads were at 68 per cent. Antoinette O’Callaghan, marketing manager, Exterion Media, said while it has been a tough year for OOH advertising, the survey underpinned the value of the medium and its ability in delivering advertising messages.


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