Fogarty’s Admatic may include overseas titles

Irish online advertising platform Admatic may in time be expanded to include international media titles, including those in the UK and US. was launched by former agency owner Stuart Fogarty to provide advertisers with direct media buying. The service also extends to the creation of advertising campaigns, copy clearance and copy dispatch.

The platform provides cost comparisons and savings. For example, a three spot package for a certain national radio show is €3,630 rate card, while using Admatic an advertiser can get the same slots for €944, a saving of €2,686. While another radio station offers a 35-spot weekly package from 7am to midnight for €6,985, the Admatic price is €4,410.


Fogarty, a former boss of AFA O’Meara and McConnells, said that Irish media owners cannot compete with Google and Facebook selling ads 24/7 online, unless they also sell their space online. “The easier you make advertising to buy, the more you’ll sell,” Fogarty said. “People go online to buy their travel and insurance direct, media advertising should be no different.”

“The digital duopoly (Google and Facebook) currently takes a staggering 50 per cent – half a billion euro – out of the Irish advertising market – and they’re growing,” Fogarty added.


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