Graham Norton pops up on 96FM

Popular TV and radio host Graham Norton surprised Cork’s 96FM listeners this morning when he dropped into the radio station studios at St Patrick’s Place in Cork city to wish Lorraine Murphy and Ross Browne the very best of luck with their new 6am-9am breakfast show – Lorraine & Ross in the Morning on Cork’s 96FM. Norton, a native of Bandon, was back in Cork for the summer and has a long-standing relationship with the station.

Norton broadcasts his weekend shows on Virgin Radio UK from C103’s studios.

He plans to stay in Cork for a few weeks before heading to US  and back to London to film his chat show. During his time on air with Lorraine and Ross he chatted about all things Cork, saying “Cork is the best place, relaxed and chilled and lovely, and the weather has been alright.” He said he going to Bantry Market on a Friday – “What’s nice about being in Bantry is that they know who I am, but at this stage I know who they are too.”

On his role hosting Prime Video’s first Irish original series LOL: Last One Laughing Ireland “You put a bunch of amazing comedians in a room and the challenge is they’ve got to not laugh while making other people laugh. It’s hilarious. With the Irish one, they’ve gone so deep Irish. Someone who isn’t Irish will watch this show and not understand any of it. Amazon executives must have been going ‘Sorry, is this funny? Like what is this?”

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