Heineken 0.0 ads say no reason needed

The latest campaign for Heineken 0.0 lager aims to ease the pressure on people who wish to avoid alcohol while socialising. The ‘Zero Explanation Needed’ campaign, created by Publicis Dublin, Red Star and Thinkhouse, is rooted in an insight particularly pertinent in Ireland, that people often feel obliged to drink alcohol, even when they prefer to go ‘on the dry’.

People out socialising do not want to face the questions surrounding ‘why’ they are choosing 0.0 options. However, as the new campaign suggests, why should people have to justify their drinking choices anymore? The out of home (OOH) message is that Heineken 0.0 empowers consumers to choose non-alcoholic options, with zero explanation needed.

Heineken 0.0 is sold on draught and in bottles and cans. 


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