Huskies go with Apache Valentine’s scent-up

This year, it is going to be a Valentine’s day like no other. Life in lockdown has been hard on romance. Gone are the days of dressing smart, going for dinner, dousing ourselves in a signature scent and wanting to tear each other’s clothes off. Valentine’s Day 2021 is going to be a whole different experience. For there is a new way to be irresistible – Eau De Apache.

Apache Pizza briefed its creative agency In the Company of Huskies to create something special to help its customers spice things up. They responded by saying there are few things more irresistible than the smell of a freshly baked Apache Pizza. In fact, it’s often been said if you could bottle it, it would be absolutely amazing. So Huskies did just that.

To get the sparks flying, Huskies bottled the scent of a large buffalo pizza to create Eau de Apache. Apache Pizza will be giving away a limited supply of this exclusive scent, so lucky winners can smell as irresistible as their favourite pizza. They assure recipients the bottle is designed to look as good on your shelf, as it will smell splashed on your wrist.

Watch the Apache Pizza video here.

According to the experts, one whiff and you’ll be more desirable than the last slice of buffalo pizza. The campaign is led by a hero social film which plays on the tropes of perfume ads to introduce the mouth-watering scent. Models smoulder in monochrome as ambient music and a French-accent VO lulls us into believing that this may be for an exclusive new parfum.

As the question is posed “what is irresistible?”, the ad is flipped on its head as an Irish narrator steps in to tell us it’s a large buffalo pizza and you can smell like one this Valentine’s. So get your loungewear ready, the campaign will be live across radio, digital and the Apache social channels. Go to for the chance to win this one-of-a-kind scent.


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