IAPI aims to get a firm handle on creativity

In a bid to get to the heart of Irish creativity, the Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland (IAPI) has launched its inaugural ‘Ireland’s Creative Influence’ survey. IAPI chief executive Charley Stoney said the institute  is calling on all creatives working in Ireland’s commercial creativity sector, along with Irish creatives working abroad, to participate.

It is the first time IAPI has carried out a survey of this nature with the aim of gaining an understanding of creative professionals’ thoughts around several issues based on their experience of working in the commercial creative industry, whether in the advertising, marketing, PR, digital, social, design, event management, media, or experiential sectors.

Stoney, pictured, emphasised that the survey is entirely anonymous. The intention of the research project is designed to help creatives express opinions on what it means to be either working in Ireland right now or, what it means to be Irish working abroad, and what are the opportunities or weaknesses having roots in Ireland bring from a creative perspective.


The results will be aimed at international brand owners, CMOs, business leaders, CFOs, creative peers and agency leaders, with the goal of promoting Irish commercial creativity both domestically and internationally and will be published both at home and abroad by The Irish Times, IAPI’s partner for Ireland: Where Creative is Native.

The survey is open until September 8.

Ireland’s Creative Influence Survey: www.surveymonkey.com/r/Irish-Creativity

Ireland: Where Creative is Native: www.creativeisnative.com

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