IAPI updates pitch guidelines for advertisers

Following discussions between marketers, agency members of the Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland (IAPI) and pitch consultants, IAPI has updated its pitch guidelines, in the knowledge that selecting and appointing an agency is a time-intensive and expensive process for marketers and agencies alike. The new guidelines are supported by the Advertisers Association of Ireland (AAI) and the Marketing Institute.

In a media statement, IAPI said it is accepted that a big part of a brand’s success depends on a robust partnership between client and agency and at its best this relationship is an active partnership of collaboration and transparency. However, relationships and needs can change and clients may see a need to move agencies for a variety of reasons.

To help Irish marketers make the best decision, IAPI developed three pitch guides, centred on those that want a media pitch, a strategic and creative review or, thirdly, what the institute now calls an agile pitch. The new agile pitch guide is specifically targeted at clients with budgets of under €300,000 or for those that require an agency for a one-off project.

Industry standard

IAPI president and Dentsu group MD Shenda Loughnane (above) said that as an agency leader she has taken part in many streamlined and well-run pitches. “However,” Loughnane added,” a pitch process that does not follow a set of clear, best practice principles can be costly for both parties in terms of both time and money. It’s something that all IAPI members are keen to avoid and these guides will allow us to set an industry standard for pitches.”

The publication of the new IAPI pitch guidelines, coincides with the biennial review of IAPI accredited pitch consultants. Each current IAPI accredited pitch consultant underwent a review in January 2019 and those successful were accredited for a two-year period.  The review asks for the consultants’ agreement to follow the new pitch guidelines. This year’s accreditation will be awarded to successful pitch doctors at the start of March.

Full details on the new pitching guidelines are at iapi.ie/pitching





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