Indie List launches Gen-Ai services

The Indie List platform for freelance marketing talent has launched new services designed to help enterprises and agencies with GenAi requirements. Peter McPartlin, co-founder, The Indie List, said GenAi has been the buzzword recently and many businesses are grappling with how to integrate it as part of their team skills and capabilities. The Indie List has extended its talent services to support Irish marketing  in tackling its GenAi needs.

The new Indie List services include access to vetted Gen-Ai freelance specialists, including strategists, creators and app developers. Tailored workshops will be held for marketing teams across a range of topics with an independent take on the most relevant tools, crafting prompts, maintaining brand integrity and avoiding risks. A new Ai-powered platform, known as IndieGPT, which allows clients to hone their own briefs for freelancers.


Indie List co-founder Una Herlihy said the workshops are being delivered by Karen Howley, a marketing strategist and AI coach, formerly with Accenture’s Global Innovation Centre. Herlihy and McPartlin, who previously worked together in Irish International (now TBWA), set up the service in response to the challenges posed by the pandemic. It now has a talent pool of over 1,400 specialists in marketing, creativity, digital, and now Gen-Ai.


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