Insomnia to waken up UK market

Bobby Kerr, Insomnia & Dragon's Den

Insomnia has agreed a partnership with Debenhams which sees the Irish coffee company open a number of Insomnia @ Debenhams outlets across the UK and Ireland over the coming months. The first of these has just launched at Debenhams in the Mahon Point Shopping Centre in Cork and plans are afoot to launch outlets in Rugby and Bradford.

Insomnia took part in the Debenhams press show for the first time in May at Victoria House in London, where they served double shots of coffee alongside tasters from its bakery range. The event marked the start of Insomnia’s deal with Debenhams.

Chaired by businessman and Newstalk radio host Bobby Kerr (pictured above), Insomnia’s first store opened  in a Galway bookstore in 1997. Other brand partnerships include marketing deals with Spar, Eurospar, Eason, Meadows & Byrne and Heatons.

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