Irish among top EU online users

More Irish people are online compared to the EU average, the IAB Europe Mediacsope survey which includes Ireland for the first time shows. The study by Amárach Research shows that 80 per cent of Irish people are online, compared to the 65 per cent EU average. The study, supported by IAB Ireland and Adtech, shows Irish people normally access the internet using mobile devices – 32 per cent, compared to 21 per cent in the EU.

Alison Fennah, Mediascope Study

Alison Fennah, IAB Europe, at the launch of the Mediascope online study in Dublin yesterday

When it comes to shopping online, the Irish also index higher – 97 per cent versus the EU average of 87 per cent. When researching online and shopping offline, Ireland scores 88 per cent and the EU 79 per cent. Mediascope shows the internet is increasingly becoming the channel of choice for consumption of other media, including TV, radio and press. The study indicates 81 per cent of Irish internet users watch TV online.

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