Just Eat delivers ads ás gaeilge

Just Eat has produced a new version of its ‘Did Somebody Say’ track ás gaeilge along with a series of out of home ads in the Irish language. At the end of Just Eat’s latest campaign, which features global superstar Christina Aguilera and hip-hop artist Latto, people will be able to hear ‘Did Somebody Say’ translated ás gaeilge to ‘An ndúirt duine éigin‘. It is the first time that a food delivery brand has used the national language in its ads.

The Irish version was launched to coincide with Seachtain na Gaeilge. Just Eat and its agencies McCann and Core created the ads in response to an increasing popularity among the public to learn more of the Irish language, particularly among the platform’s target audience of 18-24 year olds. The campaign, localised and conceptualised by Core, takes several Irish classic foods and gives them a new marketing twist ás gaeilge.


The chicken fillet roll is referred to as the ‘Grá mo chroí‘ (Love of my heart), the spice bag, has been aptly titled as the ‘Spíosra na beatha’ (Spice of life). Taking inspiration from TikTok viral trend, ‘Girl Dinner’, Just Eat has created its own take on the ‘Dinnéar an chailín’, like cheese, crackers, fresh fruit and a bar of chocolate, along with snacks such as popcorn, crisps and sweets, giving consumers an excuse for a ‘Lá sa Leaba’ (Duvet Day).

While ‘An ndúirt duine éigin Just Eat’ plays out on TV, VOD, and radio, the Irish translations are front and centre of the creative. Coinciding with the campaign launch, Just Eat is running a free delivery promotion with several partners on the restaurant and grocery retailer front, including Supermac’s, Abrakebabra, Boojum, Chimac and Centra. For more details on the campaign, visit @justeatie on Instagram and TikTok.

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