Lottery’s new app ad awash with interest

The National Lottery launches its new-look app with a TV spot about Old Hank, a rickety old family washing machine who uses the app’s ‘shake to play’ feature to win the jackpot and take his buddies off to ‘unplug’ and relax on a dream holiday. The ad highlights one of the app’s new features and also serves the brand’s trademark slogan – it could be you.

‘Old Hank’

Client: Premier Lotteries Ireland – National Lottery

Client team: Paul Dervan, Michael Hayes, Maebh Gleeson, Joan Hallinan
Agency: Core

Production company: Smuggler
Director: Jamie Rafn
Producer: Ray Leakey
Executive creative director: Liam Wielopolski
Creative director: Mike Garner
Copywriter: Eoin O’Brien
Art director: Paddy Geraghty
Agency producer: Fiona McGarry
Media agency: Starcom
Agency client executives: Geoff McGrath, Orla Reaper-Reynolds
Agency strategy directors: Andy Pierce, Shane Doyle


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