Maltesers Ireland’s top chocolate treat

Mars confectionery brand Maltesers is the runaway choice for Ireland’s chocolate lovers, an online survey by shows. Next in line were Lindt and Cadbury’s Dairy Milk. The report said that Snickers, Crunchie and Wispa all performed poorly. There are around 15,000 searches for any of Ireland’s top 16 chocolate treats every month. The search data followed consumers from each county across a four-week period from September 23.

Maltesers was every single county’s top searched chocolate.

Search volume tools Google Trends, Semrush and Ahrefs were used to measure the level of interest in 16 of Ireland’s most chocolate treats. Where a county presented no search volume for a specific keyword, a score of zero was given. Spend on chocolate confectionery brands in Ireland each year amounts to an estimated €200 million. Teagasc reports that the average Irish person consumes 3.6 kilogrammes of chocolate every year.

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